How To Monogram a Bathrobe and More

If you’re looking for ways to add personalization this holiday season, all you  need is a heat press. Whether you cut it yourself with heat transfer materials or use our custom cutting services, you can easily offer your customers the service of on-demand customization. Monograms are always popular for a wide variety of items, and this video shows you how simple it is to monogram a bathroom with style. And that family reunion shirt? You’ll see how to make one that won’t soon be forgotten.

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  1. Dana Hillesheim says:


    I watched your video on heat pressing transfers onto bathrobes. Is there a certain type of bathrobe that you would recommend using? I noticed you used a terry cloth bathrobe. Also, what tyoe of vinyl materials can be used on the robe? I believe she was using Fashion Film Electric.

    Thanks much!


  2. Ted says:

    Dana, Thanks for reading! According to Courtney of CAD-CUT Direct, we purchased the cotton terry cloth bathrobe used in the video from Sanmar and used GlitterFlake for the transfer. Any of our Cad-Cut products will work on a cotton bathrobe. I would recommend choosing a material like Glitter Flake or Fashion Film. Good luck!

  3. Dana says:


    Thanks so much! I appreciate your response and advice!


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