How To Photograph Your Work

Positioning items on a table or even the floor and photographing from above is a great idea. Stahls’ customer Branding Matters! does an excellent job of photographing examples of their high quality custom work. 

Looking for a better way to take photos of the latest jobs off your heat press but don’t have the money to invest in a professional photographer? No worries, you’ve got this. I’ve always highly recommended that you create samples of your heat print creations in order to help you sell. In addition to taking photos of recent jobs, you might also find it helpful to create samples of your most frequently ordered items to help your customers make faster buying decisions.

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When you are visiting with customers, people like to see and feel the quality. An alternative to actually handing someone a sample is showing them a photograph. Which brings up another problem. It’s not as easy to photograph t-shirts as you may think. In fact, I was reading some comments on Heat Press for Profit and realized that it is a challenge for many. Good quality photos of your work can help you sell, and you need them for your social media postings as well.

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So what are the key things to know when photographing t-shirt samples? In a recent blog post from Transfer Express, Quality Photography on a Tight Budget, you can learn some valuable tips.

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One of the most important things to do is set up a dedicated photo taking area, preferably using a light tent that can be purchased online or you can make one yourself. The proper lighting is key to any successful photograph. You probably already have a good enough camera if you own a smart phone. You’ll find that having a system in place for taking photos will lead to more and better photography. We would love to see some of your best photos and hear about any tips you can share.

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