How To Prevent Scorch Marks

More detailed information on how to prevent scorch marks using the new Hotronix Lower Heated Platen.

If you are heat printing and have experienced scorch marks or a square imprint around your design, you’re looking for ways to prevent that. Our latest heat press innovation, the Hotronix Lower Heated Platen, solves the problem of scorch marks when heat printing. First introduced at the SGIA Expo earlier this month, we’ve been overwhelmed with requests for more information on our new Hotronix Lower Heat Platen. It’s true. This new technology from Hotronix is the answer to your scorching and “square box” problems when printing on sensitive fabrics and polyester fabrics. How? The October 30th Morning Show on Stahls’TV had Hotronix General Manager Ben Robinson on live to explain the Lower Heat Platen in great detail. Hopefully all your questions will be answered. If you have more questions or would like to pre-order your Hotronix Lower Heat Platen, you can visit this link. Before getting into the heat press info from Ben, Josh also talks about two other new products, CAD-CUT Reflective II and CAD-CUT Silicone Dye-Block Heat Transfer Material.

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  1. raj says:


    We want to buy the lower heated platen with auto clam machine, whether you have delivery to India.

    Thank you,

  2. Ted says:

    Thank you for your comment. Someone from our international department will be contacting you via email.

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