How To Print Color Logos that Reflect

CAD-CUT Fashion Reflect is available in 7 colors and can be heat printed on just about any fabric.

If you’re looking for a way to heat print a reflective logo but you don’t want the logo to appear silver when it’s not reflecting light, did you know that Stahls’ has a color reflective heat transfer material? This means you can create fashion logos in 7 different colors, heat apply them to just about any fabric–including Lycra or stretch garments and get the added safety benefits of having a reflective logo on your garment. CAD-CUT® Fashion-REFLECT Heat Transfer Material . This material stretches and rebounds, sticks to virtually all fabrics, you are able to get it wet and it will still reflect. It can also be sewn through. It’s great over seams. As an added bonus, you can also screen print on the material. It’s RSL compliant ( a condition required by many large garment manufacturers such as Nike) and EN471 certified, which is a European standard for high-visibility clothing that deals with High-Visibility Specifications. I like the black on black look for an understated logo treatment.

When it's dark out, the color logos printed in CAD-CUT Fashion Reflect will stand out and get noticed. Perfect for running wear, backpacks and any type of corporate or sports wear worn in night situations. A little extra visibility never hurts!

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