How to Print Polypropylene Bags

Yes you can print on polypropelene bags with custom ElastiPrints from Transfer Express.

Yes you can print on polypropylene bags with custom ElastiPrints from Transfer Express.

Custom printed bags are one of the most popular promotional items ever. Why? They are inexpensive, reusable and something that businesses want and need. If you have always wanted to offer your customers the service of printed bags, but didn’t know how to print on polypropylene, Stahls Transfer Express has the answer. We have done it ourselves, printing thousands of bags for trade show giveaways. This video, featuring Andy Curtiss, shows you how to print on polypropylene. Remember, this type of bag melts at around 300 degrees, which is why you MUST use a low temperature transfer such as ElastiPrints. Andy also recommends using a Print Perfect Pad for the application. Watch the video and he explains how to use it. It’s only about 3 minutes. When was the last time you learned how to make something as profitable as a printed shopping bag in just 3 minutes?

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