How to Save Time with Stahls’ New Rip-Away Appliqué ™

Webster’s Dictionary defines innovation as the introduction of something new; a new idea, method or device.  GroupeStahl companies have a long history of innovation–it’s one of our core reasons for being– and we are excited to show you one of our latest innovations for embroiderers: A new, better way to create glitter appliqué using the new, Stahls’ Rip-Away Appliqué process.

There are two BIG reasons why you should utilize Stahls’ Rip-Away Applique with CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake in your shop.

  1. It Decreases Production Time for glitter and embroidery looks 
  2. It Delivers Highly Sought After Results in a fraction of the time!

How does it decrease production time? First of all, it eliminates the cutting and individual placement of twill apppliqé components.  The nature of the process when used with a satin stitch allows a single panel to be placed over the placement stitch, sewn out and the excess removed after sewing.  This takes the lion’s share of the production process with appliqué out of the equation.  Decorators should jump all over this as the embroidery machine does 80% of the work. You will need to run a heat press over the finished product, but even with 15 seconds of pressing you are still saving a lot of time.

How does it deliver highly sought after results? Stahls’ Glitter Flake material has been on a fast paced growth trajectory for the last few years for its standard heat transfer film application.  Everyone loves the fully textured glitter result, and garment decorators only need one look to understand it’s appeal to groups that traditionally love bling. When you combine this premium finish with the great look of appliqué, you have a definite hot seller.  Market to schools, greek organizations, groups, dance, cheer etc.  There is no comparable finish on the market for appliqué.  This product is so appealing, it’s probably a good idea to harness the color selection, merchandise contrasting stitch colors in bright shades (especially neons) and market the product to as many groups as possible. We are already getting very positive customer feedback on this exciting new embroidery innovation. What do you think? There will be a webinar for this exciting new decorating method on April 4th, hosted by Great Garment Graphics. Make sure you sign up now.

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