How To Store Your HTV Vinyl Rolls

It’s always fun to see how other people store their CAD-CUT HTV  or heat transfer vinyl rolls. How do you store yours? In a recent Facebook post on the topic, a lot of you jumped in with photos of your workspaces. If you’re looking for ideas on how to store your HTV vinyl rolls, here are some great tips. Thanks to everyone who posted a photo, it’s really helpful for people just getting started. It’s also very helpful for those of us who need help keeping organized. Luckily no one here has asked for a photo of my desk or my workspace, because that’s another story. But when it comes to storing CAD-CUT HTV rolls, you guys are outstanding. Take a look.

Customers Share HTV Roll Storage Ideas

Ryan Gilmartin shared this popular idea, using PVC pipes.

Rob Christianson uses IKEA bag holders to store CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl rolls.

Another CAD-CUT HTV user who uses PVC pipes for storage, Robin Owen.

Patricia Bush shares this very well organized workspace.

CAD-CUT HTV storage idea from Peter Limvere.

Joe Gannascoli is ready to cut and heat print.

Lynn Hoffman offers a wide selection of 12″ x 15″ rolls which she cuts and sells. Great display idea.

Specialty HTV rolls such as CAD-CUT foils and glitters on display by Lynn Hoffman.

Another view of Lynn Hoffman’s CAD-CUT HTV space.

We are very impressed with your work areas. For more ideas on how to set up your t-shirt printing work space, this blog post has additional photos.

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