It’s A Short Run World After All Article Published

To take a mini-break in my series on Predictions for 2010, I just received an email from Printwear Magazine announcing the arrival of the latest issue of Hot Graphics, an industry trade publication dedicated solely to the art of heat printing as a garment apparel decoration method. We have always supported this publication because it helps shed more light on the benefits of heat printing and continually emerging role of heat printing as it becomes more and more popular around the world. I predict you will like this magazine a lot! Especially the articles contributed by GroupeSTAHL authors, including myself. Please read the book from cover to cover, but you will find my article Lessons From Europe, It’s A Short Run World After All, here.

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  1. Heat printing is definitely going to be more utilized in our shop in 2010. We’re even looking to expand our shop to another suite in our building just for team sports and apparel.

  2. JOHN DRAKE says:

    I assume you’re trying to have a name the encompasses all aspects of what you sell, but
    HEAT PRINTING is a dumb name.

  3. Jean Russell says:

    Your article in Hot Graphics was very interesting in the way that sponsers change so quickly for teams in Europe. It’s a blessing the technology is available that graphics can be created so quickly for a rush order. I think that using our European partners and their experience with heat applied graphics as an example would be a benefit for our reps to use when speaking with customers that are just starting out in business or current customers who are thinking about using digital

  4. Ted says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion…just curious…what would you call it? I’m always interested in hearing new ideas. And yes, since you do use a heat press to apply pretty much everything we offer our customers, it just seemed like the logical choice. Thanks for reading in any event.

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