Join Us On Veterans Day in Chesterfield

You can see more videos about the museum and the event on

(Photo from You can see more videos about the museum and the event on

Veterans Day is a day of great respect in the Stahl family, as we have many personal reasons for honoring those who fight or have fought for our freedom. Our father Ernie Stahl was a Marine who served in the Pacific during World War II and brother Brian is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War. We have many nieces and nephews that have served in Afghanistan and Iraq and some that are still on active duty today. There are also many GroupeSTAHL family members that have served or who have children that serve. Which is why it’s our honor and privilege to open the Stahl Automotive Museum on Veterans Day to take time to honor and thank as many of these patriots as possible. Last year we raised over $22,000 for the Wounded Warrior organization and this year we are dedicated to raising funds for the Michigan chapter of Operation Homefront. If you have time to visit their website, you will see how much our help is truly needed. Thank you for considering a donation. The Stahl family will match all donations made at the museum event on Wednesday. Here is another video from the local news that aired yesterday.

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