More on threading your heat press

 I realized, or rather my daughter Erin pointed out to me, that the video I posted yesterday didn’t explain threading, and she pointed me in the direction of the one that does. (noboby’s perfect!) There are several different Hotronix Fusion videos on YouTube now and I meant to post this one yesterday with my comment about threading. Some people also call this “dressing the platen.” Basically, it just means that it is very easy to load and unload garments from the press. And you can also print the front, and then just spin the garment around and print the back without removing it. Hopefully this video will show you what I mean and clearly explain what we mean by “threading.”

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  1. Dan says:

    What is the best way to clean the build up from drying pre-treated shirts? I have tried the recommended method of using a hand cleaner, it does not get the press very clean.

    We pretreat our color T-shirts with DTG pre-treat from dupont. Then we place coated craft paper on the T & press for about 30 seconds to dry. I am going to try a scrubbie made for teflon pans & see if that helps. Any ideas would be appricated.

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