New Heat Press Checklist

Hotronix has changed the game when it comes to heat printing. Find out why your next heat press should be a Hotronix.

When we first introduced the Hotronix heat press almost 30 years ago…we created a checklist to help educate heat press customers. That checklist went over all the differences that our presses had, such as cal-rod heating element evenly spaced throughout the platen for even heat, pressure sensors, digital readouts and many features that were never before seen on any other heat press. Hotronix revolutionized the heat printing industry by bringing accuracy and reliability to the game. Today, Hotronix accuracy is a must for proper applications. Heat transfer graphics are much more sophisticated than ever before and require exact temperatures. Hotronix has continued to innovate and with the introduction of the Heated Lower Platen and the Hotronix Fusion IQ, you will understand why Hotronix is the world’s largest heat press manufacturer. With so many innovations, we also decided to innovate our heat press checklist. Here is a link to the latest heat press buying guide. 

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