No Official Wedding T-Shirt, But Make Your Own

Feel free to create your own t-shirts commemorating the Royal Wedding with your heat press. ExactPrint transfer paper makes it easy to do.

Although the palace has officially not given the rights to anyone to produce souvenir t-shirts and tea towels bearing the Royal Arms, (unthinkable!) in London, it hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs and t-shirt lovers from buying or making commemorative shirts on their own. They just can’t be termed “official” without the Royal Arms. Royal wedding T-shirts have been popping up in unusual places, like Union Station in Kansas City, where crowds started gathering at 2:30am this morning for a free public viewing.

According to a story by Glenn E. Rice in the Kansas City Star at today: Brittnee Nichols of Orrick, Mo., wore a t-shirt that read, “I have the ring, now give me the prince.” “We were so excited that we had to come and we decided to make t-shirts,” she said. Another student, Brittany Rose of Blue Springs, wore a t-shirt that said, “I still have my fairy tale” with a line scratched through Prince William’s name but no line through the name of his brother, Prince Harry. Underneath Harry’s name, the shirt said “He’s mine.”

An easy way to make your own Royal Wedding t-shirt or any custom t-shirt for that matter is using CAD-COLOR ® ExactPrint laser transfer paper. It only prints the image you want to see, no ghosting or strange yellowed background. If you haven’t tried it or seen it, there are how-to videos on the Stahls’ website. You can even see how easy it would be to add a touch of foil to make it more  “royal”.  I would like to find out how many Royal Wedding t-shirts were sold…I think the folks at the Palace made a big mistake by not authorizing and profiting on an “official” t-shirt. But I guess they really don’t need the money now, do they? But it would have helped them get back some of the 34 million the Queen spent on the wedding. Congratulations Kate and William, may your wedding inspire millions of custom t-shirt sales around the world!


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