Photos from SGIA

Middle photo: View of SGIA Expo from above. Over 25,000 visitors on day 1. Clockwise from upper left: Brian Sukarukoff meets with new heat printing start-ups, Ben Robinson explains the importance of threadability, standing room only at the largest Stahls’ SGIA booth ever, and running into Marcia Derryberry and Laurie Gonz of Impressions Magazine.

A few more photos and thoughts from the recent SGIA Expo. I still have more to share about what is happening in the marketplace, but for now, here are the highlights:

1) We’re seeing more new people getting into the industry than we have since the 1980’s!

2) The most frequently asked question: How can I take this artwork and put it on a shirt. (the answer,

3) The second most frequently asked question: How do you put all that bling on that dress? (the answer, CAD-CUT Glitter Flake and  a heat press)

4) Networking and face to face is still a key way to do business. We love you internet, but sometimes you have to get out there and say hello to your customers.

5) There is a thirst for education like we’ve never seen before. All our in-booth seminars were crowded with standing room only. Demonstrations were constant and on-going.

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