Six Ways to Sell More This Spring

Transfer Express has design templates for all your spring sports.

Transfer Express has design templates for all your spring sports.


If you print team jerseys, you are probably very busy right now. But if you’re looking for ways to increase sales, don’t forget that one way is to sell more to existing customers. There are lots of fans, parents and grandparents that support all the players picking up their custom uniforms. If you’re not selling spirit wear for every team you work with, most likely you are missing sales. Especially if you own a heat press and work with transfers or heat transfer vinyl. Here are a few ideas:

1. Offer “non-uniform” items to players (practice shirts, caps, pajamas, shoes, bags, shorts, etc.). Think of all the items you can provide the fans (more graphic/bling type apparel, seat cushions for bleacher seats,  and use your cutter to create window decals to “ride with pride”.

2. After delivering the uniforms for Spring sports find out which schools have Student Stores –visit the store or talk to the manager and show them some up to date,  fresh samples of what you can offer. Bring in distressed looks, GlitterFlake and reflective examples. Many schools offer spirit wear online through their school websites. I’ve heard of high schools that even budget up to $15,000 a year for shirts that student council members hand out for free throughout the year. Find out what your local schools do to promote school spirit and be a supplier that is easy to work with.

3. If you print for leagues or clubs, try to arrange to have a stand or booth at opening day festivities that may be taking place. All you need is a table, electricity, and heat applied products for the event and to offer the service of personalized names on existing shirts. If you want you can donate a portion of the proceeds back to the team.

5. Keep track of who is winning in your area–all championship games need a shirt commemorating the BIG WIN.

6. Don’t forget about water sports. Swim, dive and water polo teams and meets need not only t-shirts, but tote bags and towels that can be personalized for each team or each member. Think of items that other sports need in addition to uniforms. Yes, you can heat print on swimwear, performance wear and nylon

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