Splashing into the Weekend

Dan Stahl helped to raise some money for a worthy cause with a charity dunk tank event after work.

We had a dunking good time after work today at Stahls’ in Sterling Heights, Michigan. In addition to the customary office birthday cake, Dan Stahl decided to raise money for a worthy cause on his birthday. For $1 per throw (for most dunkees) or $5 per throw for Dan, staff members took turns dunking and being dunked. We all had a lot of laughs and it was a fun way to finish off the work week. Thank you to everyone who participated, especially to those who had the courage to get in the “hot seat.” Your generosity and willingness to get a little wet will go a long way. Happy Birthday Dan and great idea. Have a fun weekend everyone. 

It was a fun ending to the work week in Sterling Heights. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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