Sweet Traditions

There are always plenty of paczki to go around at Stahls’ on Fat Tuesday.

Our corporate culture allows for many “family friendly” traditions, such as Spring Season hot dog parties, costumes at Halloween, pot-lucks and the occasional BBQ. It’s certainly not BBQ weather right now at our Michigan locations, but there is one February tradition we celebrate despite the snow, rain and cold temps. Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras  (the day before Ash Wednesday) is also known as Paczki Day to many metro Detroiters.  Paczki  (pronounced poonch-key, and means “little packet” in Polish), are deep-fried Polish treats which are usually filled with jelly, custard or other deliciousness (see photos, some are even filled with Coney Island Dogs). So while there are many traditions that take place at GroupeSTAHL companies around the world, one of the “sweetest,” and certainly the one with the most powdered sugar (and calories) is Paczki Day. Thank you to all the folks that brought them in to share with your teammates. And an extra thank you to Dane Clement for sending some additional Mardi Gras spirit from New Orleans with a traditional King Cake …Let the Good Times Roll or “Laissez le bon temps rouler” as they might say on Bourbon Street.  

The Bommarito Italian Bakery in St. Clair Shores makes a great selection of paczki.

Thank you for participating in this sweet tradition.

Plenty of paczki here at Stahls’ Manufacturing and Engineering Center’s break room too.

There is a plastic “baby” baked inside the traditional King Cake. Whoever finds it in a slice is supposed to purchase next year’s cake…or something like that!

Thank you to Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics for sharing this tradition with us.

In recent years, we’ve seen two Detroit favorites pair up, resulting in the Coney Island Paczki. Yes, this is an authentic Coney Island chili dog on a donut (I mean paczki) bun. The ultimate in Fat Tuesday decadence.(Thanks to Stephanie and Kelli for organizing!)

Dan Stahl couldn’t say no to a Coney Island Paczki.

It seriously tastes good. I even got one to go. This is not on my normal diet but it is a special day!

Enjoy it while you can…this is one tradition that thankfully only comes once a year.

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  1. Joan Bogen says:

    Looks like fun1
    I just wanted to tell you again how unbelievable your whole customer service department is.
    I have never (in over 30 years) talked to one crabby or “in a hurry” rep. Over the weekend I had a problem with my cutter. I spoke to Nick Horvath several times, and he recommended getting a new blade holder, which I needed. When I still had a problem, he sent me over to Joe in the SCS pick-up room, who let me come over to show it to him. Five minutes later I was on my way with the problem solved. I also saw several of the people in your paczki pictures, who were super friendly!

  2. Ted says:

    Thank you for your feedback. We truly appreciate your business and are grateful to have you as a customer.

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