T-Shirts Make People Happy

If you are working from home and are looking for something for the kids to do, download this PDF and have them create their own special T-Shirt design.

We are seeing so many of you continue to accept and fill orders and we are thankful we are able to play a small role in helping you do that. Transfer Express is seeing so much creativity and spirit come through in the designs you are selling right now and they want you to know they’ve added new clip art that may help create the transfers you need. Transfer Express has also come up with a way to get your kids involved. Just print out this coloring page for your kids to color with a design that makes them happy.  Share the drawing with us Stahls’ Transfer Express or Stahls’- All Things Heat Printing. and use #tshirtsmakepeoplehappy.  We will be choosing one design on April 24th and that winner will receive 10 screen printed transfers of their winning design idea. The transfers will be shipped to the winner and they can be heat printed on shirts for the entire family. For more information, click here. If you would like to participate, you can download the printable PDF. We also want to thank everyone who continues to share their work with us on social media. It is inspiring and we appreciate all you are doing to serve your customers. If you scroll down there is also an example of how you can gang orders on one screen printed transfer sheet to make the most of each sheet. You can see how to print up to 25 items with just 5 sheets of custom transfers.

Thank you to Michelle Williams for sharing one of your recent designs with us.

Did you know you can gang images on one sheet to create prints for different items? This is a great example of a gang sheet that allows you to print up to 25 items with just 5 sheets.

Here’s an example of using 5 printed custom transfer gang sheets to print 25 items.

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