Team Numbering Season is Here

If you have a heat press, you can add team names and numbers on demand.

For many of you, team numbering season is year round. For those of you who are planning to add team numbering services to your business some day, Josh Ellsworth just contributed a great article to the April Impressions Magazine. It’s called “Take a Number” (page 44-45) and it reviews the benefits of using your heat press to add names and numbers to team uniforms. This spring issue also features several other articles that caught my attention. I still look forward to receiving and reading all the trade publications available in our industry and Impressions has long been one of my favorites. In addition to Josh’s article, please take a few moments to read Michael Pallerino’s article on why customization continues to dominate the team wear and athletic wear industry which is featured on page 28. He really did an excellent job on explaining the importance and relevance of the custom printing industry today and going into the future.

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