Thanks for Being Part of the Family

Thank you to everyone who was able to take the time and learn about new heat printing technoloy at the Atlantic City ISS Show. I know you are all busy growing your businesses and we appreciate the time you spent at our booths.

I was truly humbled by all the wonderful comments shared with us this past weekend from customers and booth visitors at the Atlantic City Imprinted Sportswear Show. The overwhelming message was that people were happy to be doing business with a family-style company, which is the feeling we strive to give but aren’t always sure if we are successful in our efforts. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and spoke with us personally, or sent an email or voice message confirming that we are on the right track when it comes to making you feel like part of the GroupeSTAHL family. I know if my mother Ricki were still here she would be so proud and also so thankful. I had the chance to personally meet many new faces, including Blaine Jackett of JEI Sports in Houlton, Maine. Blaine drove down to the show, which is evidence of his desire to excel and grow his business. Blaine if you are reading this, I truly enjoyed our talk and I wish you all the best in your efforts to expand your business. Don’t forget about the reflective vests we talked about! Please keep in touch. It’s folks like you that make what we do worthwhile. Mary Grimm of Stahls’ forwarded me an email that Blaine wrote…I hope you don’t mind if I share it here:

From Blaine Jackett JEI Sports: While taking a break Sat afternoon I had the incredible opportunity to meet and visit with Ted Stahl. That was a great honor. I think he has done great things for the industry and the employment world in providing jobs. We all can’t be Microsoft but each can do their part. I appreciate his involvement through the blog and his physical presence on the company website. It gives the feeling of dealing with a true family operated business, not some huge impersonal sales force.”

It’s the last sentence that meant the most to me and–I want to thank all of our GroupeSTAHL team members–both behind the scenes in production, marketing, shipping, admin and customer care–as well as those who are probably still rubbing their sore feet after working the booths all weekend–for making it possible for Blaine to feel this way. Blaine has experience with several different GroupeSTAHL companies and mentioned to me that ALL of the companies give him the same level of respect and family feeling. That is a huge compliment and I wanted to share it with all our team members.

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