The Pizza Man vs. Cute Kittens

Cute kitten pictures are all over the internet, but they won't really help you get walk-in sales.

If you’re marketing on the internet, you probably can’t go wrong with a picture or two of cute kittens (this is an attempt at humor for those who don’t know me well). If you’re not aware of the obsession people have with cute animal pictures or videos, you probably aren’t on the internet very often. But if you own a retail store of any kind, you can’t really sit outside with a box of kittens to lure people inside (unless you happen to own a pet store of course). And when it comes to heat printing, you really don’t want a cat or any animal near your heat press. So you might want to consider another tried and true form of getting folks’ attention normally associated with pizza stores. I’m sure you’ve wondered what it takes to get someone to stand outside on the sidewalk in a silly outfit and wave a giant arrow in the direction of your store. Probably just minimum wage. However silly it may seem to you, this method of in-your-face marketing really works. If you’re wracking your brain on how to get more customers inside your store, consider the pizza man method on the next shopping Saturday. You could get creative and have your sign waver wear a kitten suit with a custom t-shirt over it. If you do it, I’d love to see a picture.

Pizza store advertisers will do anything to get your attention. It must work or they wouldn't be out there year round. Why not try for your retail location?

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