The Spirit of Stahls Team in the Great Race 2012

Here is our Great Race 2012 Team! This is our first vintage car road rally, or any rally for that matter, so it's going to be a learning experience for us all. But we are looking forward to the challenge.

After the June 13th Open House in Toronto hosted by Stahls’ Canada, there’s only one more week before we have to get to Traverse City, Michigan for the start of the Great Race 2012. The race doesn’t officially start until June 23rd, but there are a lot of pre-race activities. Since half of our team is from Germany, GroupeSTAHL Europe’s Thomas Karr and his son Benjamin are coming in from Berlin, they may also need some time to get over any potential jet lag. Mary and I make up the rest of our 4-person team. The name of our team is “The Spirit of Stahls” and as we’ve shared before, we will be driving a 1941 Packard, which is in original, never restored condition. Not even a new paint job. The interior and engine are also original. It’s going to be an experience and a learning adventure. For more information on the Great Race, you can visit their website.

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  1. Art Frederick says:

    Wish I was going with you. I love Packards of that vintage. They remind me of my carless youth, too.

  2. John Minnis says:

    Good luck! Should be miles of fun!

  3. Fenton McEachrane says:

    Have a wonderful Great Race and do post a photo or two. Great photo Mary.

  4. Pat Baldes says:

    Bonn Voyage to the team, what an exciting trip for the four of you. Best wishes to Thomas and Mary on their adventure. I will pray for good weather and a safe and enjoyable trip.

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