Think About Neon Heading Into Spring

Neon numbers--one of the trends you'll be seeing more of this Spring.

Neon numbers–one of the trends you’ll be seeing more of this Spring.

If you’re gearing up for Spring sports, you might want to consider one of the hottest sports trends…Neons. Now neons have been around a long time. Remember the 80’s? You couldn’t hit a ski slope without seeing the craziest neon colors imaginable. I don’t think anyone wants to go back to the craziness of the 1980’s, but you can be certain that you will start seeing neons in sports uniforms. We’ve already seen the use of “Elite Green” in the NHL All Star jerseys. And I’m sure you noticed the green neon this past Sunday on the Seattle Seahawks uniforms as well. This video and article by CNN supports this trend with more examples from pro sports and uniform trend watchers. Remember, you can always consider offering your Spring teams the opportunity to add just a little bit of neon, but using neon as a background color for black or white numbers.

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