What Would You Charge?

What would you charge for a quantity of 50, 2 color standard t-shirts? *Artwork not provided

What would you charge for a quantity of 50, 2 color standard t-shirts? *Artwork not provided

Transfer Express posted this question on their Facebook page and many of you responded. I’m sharing it here because I am always curious as to how much our customers are able to charge for their finished products in various markets around the country. I know that pricing is an important topic with many of you, especially those who are just starting out. Here are some of the answers we received on the Facebook page, thank you to everyone who responded. For more information on how to price your custom apparel, here are some more resources from StahlsTV.

  • Rowdy Fee Montana market isn’t bad. For 50 Gildans and a two color transfer if I am doing expenses my cost plus 25% and then charge four hours time at $35. If they wanted cuts for different little characters on each or even just some then my cost plus the same 25% but about 8 hours time.
  • Yarbrough Miccheck 10 each under 100 shirts
    8 each over 100 shirts
  • Nicole Stewart 50 spot 2 color 12 premium tee 10 basic tee.
  • Jessica Collins Tingley $8.50 basic tee (port&co, Gildan or Jerzees)
  • Karie Kuehne Eagle 9.00-11.26 each
  • William Starling $8 Sm-XL, 2xl up $10
    Dallas is brutally competitive.
  • Steve McCullough One side – two color – $10 ea.

  • Kes Downs $12 at least

  • Jeremy Atwell On a Gildan 8000 tee- $9.50.

  • Robert Barcelou I’m about 8.50 on a G200 in Maine

  • Steve Oberaigner Right around $7.25 each. Arizona market is tough

     What would YOU charge? You can also comment here with a reply. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Around $9.00 per shirt all included for G2000

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