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Thomas Karr, Mr. Kamada and Frank B. at one of Stahls’ locations in Germany.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with members of our international manufacturing directors and team members in Germany and Luxembourg. Many of you know we have manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona and California, but did you know we also have multiple locations in Asia, South America and Europe? In addition to manufacturing, we are always expanding our distribution affiliates, which means you can purchase our CAD-CUT® materials and Hotronix® heat presses in virtually every country in the world! As the largest manufacturer of heat presses and CAD-CUT® materials we have the ability to offer you the best pricing and the widest selection when it comes to innovative decoration technologies. It’s always exciting to see what our research and development teams have in the pipeline. I’ll be sharing information on our newest product lines as they become available.


Good seeing you all at our ink mixing facility.


Greetings from the gang at one of Stahls’ Europe locations.


Mr. Kamada and I enjoying a chat over breakfast in Luxembourg.


We had spring-like weather conditions during our visit to Stahls’ in Dillingen, Germany.

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