10 Ketchup Packets for $1.99! Really?

The new "Dip and Squeeze" ketchup packets from Heinz. What have you done to add value to your products or services lately?

I blogged about the new Heinz ketchup packets back in February 2010, so this caught my eye on the internet this morning…Seems like the newly redesigned “Dip and Squeeze” Heinz ketchup packets are now available in retail stores. If you’ve wondered how much longer you could live without a cleaner, neater portable ketchup option, your wait is over. Looks like repackaging can bring a bottom line boost even to even the most mundane of everyday items. 10 packets for $1.99! This was a serious consumer issue according the Wall Street Journal article on the same topic. I guess the new packaging was even mini-van tested and approved. If you’re not willing to invest almost 20 cents a pop per ketchup fix, you can still get the old fashioned packets for a lot less, namely for 3-5 cents each, depending on the brand. Amazon has 1000 packets of Hunts ketchup for $39.50! (If you must have Heinz, they also have 200 packets of that brand available for $11.08.) And now the age-old question…what does this have to do with heat printing? Not much, but it is a great example of adding value to a commodity product, which is something you do everyday. Adding names and numbers to team jerseys or personalizing t-shirts with a fantastic full color logo. Garment decoration specialists are experts in repackaging, upselling and reselling the mundane and everyday as something special. Keep on heat printing!

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