Stahls’ Heat Printing Products–As Featured On TV

This season's Biggest Loser contestants are wearing custom shirts featuring their ages...done up in two color Thermo-FILM numbers!

Even though I’ve been in the garment decoration industry a long time, and I’ve seen Stahls’ heat printing products on pro uniforms for sports of all kinds, on Olympic uniforms, on marathon uniforms, on thousands and thousands of people all over the world, you would think I wouldn’t get so excited when I happen to notice our products used on custom garments on national TV. But I still do get a kick out of it. If you read the Stahls’ ID Blog, you’ll know that one of the finalists in this season’s America’s Got Talent, was the Rocky Mountain Silhouettes,  a dance team from Denver, CO. They didn’t win, I think they were in the top 4 final acts, but in one of their on-air interviews they are wearing T-shirts decorated with CAD-PRINTZ™ Digital Transfers. According to Cara Cherry of Stahls’ ID Direct, the Silhouettes get their shirts from Kid Sport Gear out of San Jose, CA. Kid Sport Gear has been a customer of Stahls’ ID Direct for over a year. They own several heat presses and they primarily sell uniforms and equipment to athletes in the 5 to 14 year old age range. That’s a great niche to consider. Congratulations to all the Silhouettes for making it to the finals. What an accomplishment. This weekend it was also confirmed to me by another source that the custom shirts that the contestants are wearing on this season’s Biggest Loser also feature a Stahls’ heat printing favorite–Two Color Thermo-FILM numbers! And let’s not forget the Glee episode I talked about a while back that actually featured a heat press (okay, it wasn’t a Stahls’ press, but still the concept of heat printing was represented). If you have a story about heat printed shirts that you’ve seen on TV, let me know.


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