12 Things to Print with a Cap Press

Your cap press is great for printing any odd shaped item or hard to reach place that won’t work on a flat press.

Looking for other uses for your Hotronix Cap Press? First of all, know this: It’s fantastic for quickly and easily adding logos, names and numbers to caps of all types. The press comes with a a quick-change 3.5″ x 6″ lower platen. Stahls’ also offers a variety of different sized platens (for purchase separately) to accommodate a variety of cap styles and sizes. These include low profile caps (2.75″ x 6.5″) low crown caps (3″ x 5.75″), oversized caps (4″ x 8″) and full crown caps (4″ x 6.5″).  But what else can you print with a cap press? You’ll soon recognize that the rounded platen makes it ideal for stretching certain items over in order to achieve a smooth printing area. Here are just a few of the items we have seen people print with their cap presses. Watch the short video below to see how a cap press works. What else do you print with your cap press besides caps?

Your cap press is perfect for printing beanies.

  1. Print your own labels inside neckline of shirts
  2. Sleeve logos
  3. Sleeve numbers
  4. Baby onesies or other baby clothing
  5. Small “spirit” towels
  6. Bathing suits
  7. Sports bras
  8. Headbands
  9. Hairbows
  10. Rounded bag ends
  11. Items for pets
  12. Beanie hats

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