Is There a Difference in Heat Presses?

The Art of Applying Transfers was written about 27 years ago…unfortunately we don’t have any spare copies lying around…

Is there really a difference in heat presses? As the world’s largest manufacturer of heat presses, it’s a question we hear a lot. We’ve also answered it a lot. We’ve written brochures, booklets and tons of educational material that tries to explain the importance of a press that gives you complete control over the factors of time, temperature and pressure. There are videos as well. When the Hotronix heat press was first introduced, we even wrote an entire magazine dedicated to answering that question. So the short answer is yes, there is a difference. I noticed that Josh Ellsworth recently replied to some new heat printers on this very topic on the Heat Press for Profit Facebook group. (if you aren’t already a member, please join) Here is what Josh said, and it’s worth repeating.

Josh Ellsworth: Some differences – Stahls’ machines, including the Stahls’ MAXX and Hotronix line are manufactured in the USA. Stahls’ also has a blue ribbon support program that has 24/7/365 support. From a design standpoint – Stahls’ presses have a laser cut steel framework with minimal welds providing for better structural integrity of the machine. The pressure adjustment knobs on Stahls’ presses are patented with over the center, which provides for even pressure from the center out, rather than the “pinch effect” that can be present with machines that have the pressure adjustment in the back. Additionally, the Stahls’ machines have a patented upper floating platen/heater that levels off prior to locking down for even pressure and contact. This helps when pressing thicker items with a clamshell style. Stahls’ machines features quick change attachments, can change in 10 seconds and many platens available. Also, Stahls’ presses are threadable with the addition of a Counter Stand or Heat Press Caddie. There are many benefits to this especially when coupled with interchangeable platens in that you can get more items and print areas flat on the press. Allowing you to print more items, more accurately = more money and better quality/brand for your business. Additionally, once you jump into the Hotronix series over the MAXX Stahls’ press, you get a lot more! Like, a best in industry warranty on a clamshell press which is 5 years! Also, you get an auto open which is helpful for fatigue and multi-tasking. And lastly, you get a digital pressure display, which means you don’t have to guess on pressure. As a final tip, take the cost of the press and divide it by the number of warranty years. Our most popular press, the Hotronix Fusion, will cost you $420 a year to own, doing the math this way. I estimate that 40-80 shirts pays of the press each year and then you’re into ROI. That’s 1.5 shirts per week that you need to sell. In summary a Stahls’ press will print more items, with better quality and have a longer life with the best support. If you are “heat pressing for profit” and really using a heat press to power your business, you should invest in professional grade.

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