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Love to bake? Make a t-shirt!

Love to bake? Make a t-shirt!

A lot of people talk about their great ideas for a t-shirt and wonder how to make them happen. This baking blogger/entrepreneur I ran across on the web seems like she was successful in figuring out how to take her passion for baking and turn it into an online t-shirt business. I’m sure there are hundreds of people like Bakerella out there, but I must give her an A+ for her efforts in marketing and creating a simple, yet appealing t-shirt line that must certainly have a specific niche following.

Turn your passion into a t-shirt and sell them!

Turn your passion into a t-shirt and sell them!

I have to warn you though, you  might get hungry for a cupcake after visiting. http://www.bakelove.com/

Need a recipe? http://www.cupcakerecipes.com/

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