Add Reflective Logos to T-Shirts and More

add reflective logos to t-shirts and more

Use your heat press and CAD-CUT Hi-Vis Reflective heat transfer vinyl to make garments more visible in low light conditions.

Why not add reflective logos to t-shirts and more? At this time of year, when it gets dark earlier and earlier, visibility is more important than ever. Offer the service of adding CAD-CUT Scotchlite reflective heat transfer vinyl logos to t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and caps. A little bit of reflective material can be a huge safety factor. Plus it’s so easy to do with your heat press and cutter.

You can also order custom cut logos directly from Stahls’ in  reflective materials.  Stahls’ offers a variety of different grades of reflective heat transfer vinyl, as well as reflective materials in different colors. For more information on using your heat press to add CAD-CUT 3M Scotchlite brand reflective vinyl to apparel, bags and more, this video shows you what you need to know. You don’t have to use a lot. Just a little circle or stripe of reflective heat transfer vinyl applied to a bag, sleeve, or umbrella will go a long way for safety. People simply don’t realize how difficult it is to see someone in a crosswalk or running on the side of the road in low light conditions. You can also offer this service to delivery people and drivers. You can also add reflective heat transfer vinyl to caps.

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