Remembering David Stone

Remembering our friend David Stone with gratitude and love.

Today we announced the unexpected passing of GroupeSTAHL Board Member David Stone. David is a longtime friend, business partner and respected member of the GroupeSTAHL Board of Directors since 2005. I feel extremely grateful to have known and worked with David for so long. He was always appreciated for his abilities to hammer out a strong contract, analyze complicated problems and come up with intelligent solutions. His foresight and perseverance made him the hero of many situations. As did his insistence on always stopping at the Spike’s Keg of Nails whenever the opportunity arose. He loved the burgers there. Mary and I had the chance to stop by Spike’s on Wednesday and we ordered burgers in memory of David.  Thinking of you dear friend.

Mary also wanted to share her thoughts:

Mary Stahl: We were out in the woods when Ted received a call saying David had passed away. With disbelief and sadness, we went out to the river and looked up to the sky, wondering why? The winds went from zero to 35mph. In our minds, it was David saying “until we meet again.”

David may not be here to talk to us, but he is still here. Whenever he could, David reminded us of how long we have known each other by bringing up our kids’ early school days at University of Liggett. We were both known as the only parents who could tie the kids’ skates tight enough! There was also never a conversation without David fondly mentioning his wife Norma’s name, and how much she enjoyed traveling and visiting with the kids and grandkids.

In addition to looking out for our family business, David and Norma became real friends to Ted and I. When we finally took him up on his multiple offers to go fishing, we were able to see him dressed down and out of his normal suit and tie! He really was a snazzy dresser. Of course he insisted Norma was the secret of his “dress for success.”

We were just talking to David about visiting us at our place up north, which we call heaven on earth, and we know he would have made us stop at Spike’s for a delicious burger. Unfortunately, we could only have one in his memory instead. We are thankful to know such a brilliant, kind, and thoughtful man. God bless you David, and know you will always be in our hearts and our memories forever.

Mary and I ordered David’s beloved burgers at his favorite “Up North” restaurant.

David, you will be in our hearts and memories forever.

On behalf of Mary, our family, myself and all his colleagues at GroupeSTAHL, we offer our heartfelt condolences to his wife Norma and children. David was truly the heart of the company, a mentor, advisor and trusted partner. He will be missed.

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  1. Jay E Dupuie says:

    Ted and Mary

    So sorry for the loss of your friend and colleague David.

  2. Patti Shelkey says:

    So sorry for your loss. Condolences for his family and yours as well.

  3. Terri Coppens says:

    David was a very kind and giving man, always willing to help out anyone who needed it. He will be missed. I will definitely make a trip to Spike’s in his honor.

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