All Hands on Deck


Grandson William (under the watchful eye of his father, Brett), squeezes in under the car to help us tighten a bolt. Good work William!


Brett Stahl takes a lift in the Stars and Stripes to help us check the brakes.


The Stars and Stripes on the hoist.

Thank you to everyone who helped us take care of all the last minute preparations for the Great Race 2015. Magic Dave, you are our hero. It’s been a long road of repairs and upgrades these past many months but we know it will all pay off for smoother traveling.  With the cars scheduled to leave at 9am on Tuesday, we’ve been burning the midnight oil on finishing touches and it was all hands on deck. We needed to test the brakes on the Stars and Stripes, that’s why Brett is up in the car when it’s on the hoist. We also had to get some help from our grandson William, since he was the only person small enough to squeeze into the space under the car to tighten a bolt. Thanks for your help William, we literally couldn’t have done it without you! The next time we see the cars they will be in Kirkwood, Missouri, where we will begin our 8-day trip across the country to Santa Monica, California on the historic Route 66.

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