Another Heat Printing Hit

Our international, multi-lingual crew is ready to meet with visitors at the FESPA Fabric in Hamburg, Germany

Heard from the gang on the floor at the FESPA Fabric in Hamburg, where they are premiering CAD-CUT Premium Plus(Click here for your free sample) Josh Ellsworth is there and he sent me some pictures of folks who are testing the stretchability of the new film. He reports that one fellow actually tore the Spandex fabric that the sample was printed on but the CAD-CUT Premium Plus remained intact. How’s that for stretch? Here are the pictures:

When you give people samples, they will put them to the test. Here is someone trying to outstretch new CAD-CUT Premium Plus heat transfer film.

And here is the print after stretching. Wow.

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  1. Chris Tripucka says:

    Great stuff Ted. I assume this has more stretch than Superfilm? I really like Superfilm and look forward to sampling the Premium Plus. BTW, only small complaint on Superfilm is that the red is a noticeably lighter shade than most of the other materials Stahl’s offers. We use a ton of Red and Navy here and it is visually different on the store floor. Thanks!

  2. Ted says:

    Thanks for reading. When you get your sample, you will see the stretchability first hand. I wouldn’t say it has more stretch than Superfilm, it is a different product at a different price point. Let me know how you like it and thanks for your feedback.

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