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The Louwman Museum is home to the world’s oldest private collection of motor cars, compiled by two generations of the Louwman family. The museum dates back to 1934 and features 230 antique and classic motor cars.

Having the opportunity to explore new places is one of the things I enjoy most about travel, even if it is on business. On a recent trip to Europe, I was able to have a private tour of one of the world’s foremost automobile collections. Classic cars are a passion of mine and the Louwman Museum in Den Haag, (The Hague) Netherlands, was a highlight of the trip. The distinctive building was designed by American architect Michael Graves. It is a complete representation of the history of the automobile and our group was fortunate enough to be led by Mr. Louwman himself.


On a different day, we had the chance to visit a mechanical music factory, where they recently restored a 19 feet tall dance hall organ. These automatons that play music automatically are truly something to behold. Along the way I was keeping my eye out for T-shirts. One thing I noticed in Europe on this trip is the understated use of logos and embroidery on shirts, as well as the use of flock and screen printing. Some people call it multi-media. I call it common sense. People like texture and flock gives you texture. I will post some pictures of t-shirts, as well as some fantastic “bling” shirts I recently discovered tomorrow. I wish I could attach an audio file to this blog so you could hear some of the music produced by these instruments. We’ll have to work on doing that.

I never knew automatic musical instruments like this existed until recently. And it still plays wonderful music.

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    Your adventures are wonderful and exciting – and your sharing of business knowledge is such a gift in itself –

    Have the best day and a wondeful year –

    Sharon Bialic Kuzenko
    Tucson, AZ

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