Artwork for Car Shows

Here’s one example of a custom shirt in the classic car niche. Mary and I saw so many great shirts during the Great Race. It’s a fantastic niche market for a t-shirt specialist.

It’s always great to be able to serve niche markets–especially if you’re the only custom t-shirt vendor at an event! As Mary and I were traveling throughout the country during the Great Race 2017, we ran into a lot of people wearing car t-shirts. We know this is a strong niche market. If you’ve always wanted to print shirts for car enthusiasts, Transfer Express has written a blog that shows you the best ways to use their EasyView Designer to create auto-themed looks. Keep in mind that most car brands are licensed so you can’t just put a brand name like Ford or Chevrolet on a shirt without express written permission. Here are some samples of custom transfers you can create on the Transfer Express website. Remember, you can customize the designs using the name of your event, colors, even add your own artwork into the mix. Custom transfers can be ordered in low quantities and one color orders placed before 11am will ship the same day. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. For more, visit Transfer Express.

Transfer Express makes it easier than ever to create custom designs for the classic car market.

Create beautiful custom designs for the classic car marketplace with EasyPrints templates from Transfer Express.

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