How To Avoid Heat Press Marks on Polyester

Learn about the benefits of using a Flexible Application Pad to prevent heat press marks.

Ever wondered how to prevent those undesirable heat press marks when pressing on certain items? In addition to reducing the temperature of your heat press whenever possible, you may also benefit a heat printing accessory that we call a “Flexible Application Pad.”

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In addition to lowering your heat printing temperatures, this video shows you how you can use a flexible application pad to help you prevent buttons, zippers and snaps from coming in direct contact with the heated upper platen of your heat press. Using a flexible application pad is a great way to avoid heat press marks on polyester garments that are more sensitive to heat. This is truly a versatile heat printing accessory that you should have on hand to ensure top quality, professional heat printing results every time. And don’t forget, you’ll probably need to increase your pressing time when using this pad, by approximately 10 seconds.


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  1. Ted says:

    Keep in mind that the flexible application pad will reduce the temperature so you need to make sure you add some additional seconds when using it. Although Thermo-FILM is the world’s best selling material for sports jerseys, sometimes you need to experiment with performance wear. Or you can switch to a different type of cover sheet, such as a Teflon or Kraft Paper. Please contact our customer service at 800-4-STAHLS and they help you out directly.

  2. Douglas Kriehn says:

    So, I’ve had 6 wicking shirts done for my dart team, that involved a heat press. They all ended up with shiny pocket and zipper marks on the back. The shirts are bright purple in color and the marks are quite noticeable. Is there anything that can be done about this or are the shirts a total loss ? The person that did this, said they would wash out over time. I washed my shirt three times, but the marks remain.

  3. Ted says:

    Hello Douglas,
    Sometimes these scorch marks do wash out, sometimes they don’t. It’s a shame that your shirts were improperly heat printed. There is new technology that allows decorators to safely apply heat graphics using heat from underneath. This completely eliminates the scorched boxes. Performance wear is especially sensitive. However there are heat transfers that work well on them. Hopefully your garment decorator is able to correct the problem to your satisfaction. It is frustrating but heat printing is an ideal solution when applied correctly.

  4. Mary says:

    Hi, Nice post! This is really helpful. However I cannot see the link or any video on this post. I wanna try that Flexible Application Pad. I want to see how it works. I think I need this one for my business. Can you also send some link here where can I purchase it. Thanks!

  5. Ted says:

    Hello Mary,
    Thank for reading. You will find more information on the Flexible Application pad, as well as videos on how to use accessories on
    Best of luck with your heat applications. Ted

  6. Rick says:

    Hello! Have been using Stahls for over 20 years and have tried the Flexible application pad, my issue is how do you make sure what you are pressing doesn’t move? Some transfers have a sticky backing so they wont move, however, film numbers and some transfers do not. When putting the pad down there is no way to see if the decoration has moved or not. Do you have any thoughts??

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