Award Winner Sean Oakley of Stahls’ Canada

Sean Oakley receives the Robert L. Scott Memorial Award from Tony Muccilli of Imprint Canada on Jan 7, 2011.

One of the reasons GroupeSTAHL is always able to innovate and bring you the latest in heat printing is due to the passion of our people around the globe and our exposure to deocorating solutions that might not be prevelant in the US at a particular time. I always have an ear for news from our global partners. Canada isn’t too far away or too different from the US, but I like to talk with Sean Oakley, General Manager of Stahls’ Canada to get his perspective on what is happening in the industry and what we could be doing better. During one of our last chats, the talk turned to the rising price of oil and how this would most likely have a trickle down effect on items that we normally don’t consider oil-related. Basically, it just won’t increase the price of gas at the pump, but also what we pay for products manufactured with oil, products delivered by transportation that rely on oil or gas, and that includes food and produce. On a brighter note, I also got to congratulate Sean once again for winning the Robert L. Scott Memorial Award back in January. A photo and press release was recently printed in the March issue of Printwear Magazine. Sean received the award, which was voted on by his peers and competitors, for his committment, integrity and enthusiam in the Canadian promotional imprintable products industry. The award was presented by Tony Muccilli of Imprint Canada, an excellent source for marketing and information on the Canadian imprintables industry. Congratulations once again Sean, you truly deserve it.

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