March Madness for Heat Print Numbers

Transfer Express has Easy Prints Screen Printed Numbers in stock and ready to ship.

This Sunday you can join in the excitement of the NCAA 2011 College Basketball  with online bracket cards. There will be 68 college basketball teams ready to go head to head over the next 3 weeks. At the end, there will be one champion. It’s a fast and furious process and the term March Madness is surely appropriate. I had the chance to travel to Transfer Express last week, where they were presenting team members with their annual “Ernie Awards”, which is an award named after my father Ernie Stahl. I will share pictures and explain the awards in more detail in a future post. While I was there production was gearing up for the spring season and getting plenty of Easy Prints Screen Printed Transfer Numbers ready for all the uniforms you are going to be printing this spring. Transfer numbers, especially the two-color version, are one of the fastest ways ever to add individual numbers to jerseys. If you need numbers, Transfer Express has them ready to ship. Transfer numbers go on in seconds and the finished result is identical to screen printing. So if you have jerseys that require a screen printed number look, heat printing with transfer numbers is a good alternative. Stahls’ is known as “the numbers people” so whether you choose to use transfer numbers, our classic Thermo-FILM numbers or require another type of specialty application for performance wear, we have what you need to print any type of jersey for any type of sport. I know my father once calculated that if you laid all the numbers Stahls’ has manufactured since 1932 side by side,  you would be able to reach the moon. And he made that calculation many years ago. Suffice it to say we know numbers. That’s why our numbers are found on just about every pro jersey for every pro sport that exists, as well as the local basketball courts, baseball fields and anywhere people need numbered shirts.

Transfer Express Easy Prints Numbers are screen printed on sheets and then cut and packaged. You can purchase them in different ways, kits, Express packs and by the pack.

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