Be Like The Pros–How to Create a Roster T-Shirt

Do you like this look? Transfer Express allows you to create a list of player names for a roster type shirt similar to the roster used to create this licensed shirt. Please note we are not referring to any of the licensed logos or other branded property, just the concept of a roster. If you want to buy this shirt, it’s available at the NFL Shop. 

This shirt also features a roster and is available from the NFL Shop.

This weekend the focus for most of the country will be on football. One thing we know here at Stahls’ is that no matter who wins, everyone wants to look like the pros and everyone wants a t-shirt that reps their favorite team. Did you know you can use custom transfers to create a “roster” t-shirt? Transfer Express has easy to use templates that allow you to quickly and easily create a typeset design featuring any team or list of names. This is also very popular with schools listing entire graduating classes. Whatever your angle, Transfer Express makes it easy to replicate this popular look. To read more about how to do it, this blog from Transfer Express explains the details. This short video also shows you how easy it is to use.

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