So Advanced, It’s Simple

Hotronix is the heat press with a “brain.”

When we introduced the Hotronix in 1987, one of the ad headlines read: So Advanced, It’s Simple. That’s always been one of my favorite ways to think about Hotronix heat printing technology. Hotronix is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to technology and performance, but the real reason our presses are so successful is because they are so easy to use. For the past 30 years, we’ve been pioneering heat press technology with one goal in mind:

To make decorating garments easier.

Why is it easier? One reason is Hotronix takes care of some of the thinking for you. It has a “brain.” Even the first Hotronix Swinger had the ability to program and remember settings, eliminating the need for users to continually look up time and temperature settings. It was easier for production workers to choose the right settings and so on. Today the Hotronix Fusion IQ takes smart technology to the next level and the “brain” will even give you production reports and let you know how many shirts have been printed that day and at what time. Are you wondering how a heat press with a “brain” will help your business and make your life easier? This video is a good introduction to some of its best features.

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