Setting Up Your Heat Press


Mark Ciaglia shared this photo of his production area in response to a new Fusion owner’s request.

We recently had several Hotronix heat press owners share pictures of their shop set ups on the Stahls’ All Things Heat Printing Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who responded to another Hotronix Fusion owner who was anticipating delivery of a new heat press. It really is heart warming to see the camaraderie out there and all the sharing that goes on in the heat printing community. It’s great to know that so many of you are willing to share your experiences and your knowledge with others. If you aren’t already a member of this group on Facebook, it’s very easy to join and you will be surprised at all the helpful ideas and tips that are being shared. The page also provides updates and info on live webinars or how-to sessions that are being broadcast. It’s all about helping you be more successful in your heat printing business. Thank you to the over 40,000 followers of this page. It’s a great resource for heat printing professionals around the globe.

Joe Gannascoli, your work area looks fantastic. Great space.

Mark Bolin has a unique corner spot for his Hotronix. Great use of counterspace.

Skip Dayton Davis shared his work area as well. It looks super organized and a great place to print shirts.

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