Getting Fired Up For Spring

GroupeSTAHL CEO Carleen Gray has been busy the last week or so holding “Town Hall” meetings at each of our locations across the U.S., including a stop in Pennsylvania at Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center.

When we tell you Stahls’ is always working hard on becoming a company that’s easier to do business with, we mean EVERYONE is working hard at it. That includes the people you speak with on the phone, the people coordinating our social media and marketing activities, the people filling your orders, the people making your Hotronix heat presses, printing your custom transfers, designing the websites and ALL the people behind the scenes that you may never come in contact with. But please know, we are more serious than ever about being your partner in success. Carleen Gray, North American CEO of GroupeSTAHL is leading the charge. Last week she visited every Stahls’ location in the U.S. and spoke to hundreds of team members at over a dozen “Town Hall” style meetings. What’s a Town Hall? It’s part pep rally, part question and answer session, part overview of future plans, and lots of recognition of jobs well done. Some of the newer hires in Arizona were thrilled to learn more about Stahls’ participation in the NFL Draft (we’ll be there again in April!), and also to learn that there are so many team members who have been with the company for over 25 years. As Carleen said: “We wanted to show our team how dedicated we are to a strong future and communicating our planning along the way.”   From all the positive feedback I’ve heard, Carleen was more than successful in rallying the troops. Another message she conveyed: “It’s important for everyone to understand their role in making sure our orders get out on time, with zero mistakes. Details are so important to our customers and any missing little item can keep a player off the field or a club or team from participating.” I couldn’t agree more. We truly look forward to serving you better than ever this Spring and please know that EVERY Stahls’ team member is pulling for the success of your business. Thank you to everyone who helped make the Town Hall sessions possible and to all who were able to attend.

Carleen Gray speaking about future goals with team members at Town Hall style meetings.

Several Town Hall sessions were held at Stahls’ Manufacturing and Engineering Center in Michigan.

Multiple sessions were held so that all shifts could attend and participate in St. Clair Shores, MI.

Some of the crew members at Stahls’ Hotronix in Pennsylvania were thrilled to recognize themselves in a video about the company that was aired.

Multiple sessions were also held at Stahls’ Arizona facility.

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