Breakthrough Heat Press Technology

The industry’s first draw/swinger press with EZ-Touch Screen technology, EZ-On platen for fast shirt loading and other ultimate ease of use features. One or more patents or patents pending!

If you’re heading to the Imprinted Sportswear Show in Atlantic City this weekend, you’ll be one of the first in the industry to see the new Hotronix Fusion in person. If not, here is a glimpse of this amazing new heat press.  The engineering experts at Stahls’ Hotronix have really gone outside the box with this heat press. They won’t be available to ship until April 1st, but if you’re considering a new press, this one is worth waiting for! Here’s what’s different about the new Fusion:

The new Stahls’ Hotronix® Fusion is designed to make heat printing as goof-proof and easy as possible, and it starts with innovative new engineering.  This first-of-its-kind machine can be used as a swingaway or a draw press. So no matter what size your workspace is, this press is designed to adapt. The most exciting thing is that it features an EZ-On platen that provides 360 degree access to the bottom platen making it easier than ever before to slip on T-shirts, sweat shirts, and jackets. Some people call this “threadability”. Some people call it “dressing the platen.” With this press, you’ll just call it “easy.” You no longer need a pad or pillow for bulky items or apparel with zippers or pockets.

Another unique feature that’s a first in the heat press industry on the Fusion is a touch LCD screen. On its display you can digitally set the time, temperature, and pressure. If you have an IPhone you’ll know what I’m talking about. It has dual time settings for two-step applications, preset programs, and an energy-saving sleep mode. There is a production cycle counter, and it comes in Fahrenheit or Centigrade measurements. There is a whole list of features that you can find on the Stahls’ website, or you can call Stahls’ ID to speak with a representative about the Fusion or any of our Hotronix heat presses. There is sure to be a Hotronix heat press that meets your needs and fits your budget. We are proud to say that the Fusion is manufactured in the USA and that our service team is always easily reachable if you ever have a problem with any Hotronix model. That’s not necessarily true when you buy machines manufactured elsewhere. Whether you are new to heat printing or its been the staple of your garment decoration business for many years, we know you will appreciate all the research and efforts that goes into each and every Hotronix machine to make sure you are getting the most reliable, consistent results with the highest degree of ease of use.


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  1. Steve says:

    Hey Ted,

    Always good to hear from you, great looking new heat press, seems to be well thought out, looks like it would fit right in on a Star Trek episode. I may be looking to upgrade my old press sometime this year. I don’t comment often but I do always read your blog. Did you get your boat dock completed?

  2. victor says:

    deseo un catalogo de fotos y planchas transfer para poder comprar una planchas


  3. Ted says:

    Thanks for your comments. Victor, I had one of our Spanish speaking representatives contact you and I hope she was able to help you out. Good luck with your heat printing endeavors.

  4. Dan says:


    We have been using 2 of the Stahls Hotronix STX 20 heatpresses for about a year now & they work great! We do DTG printing on T-shirts, Hoodies, Baby Onesies, etc.

    We have the version 7 circut board in 1 press & the version 8 circut board in the other press. I really like the auto-shutoff feature of the version 8 circut board. Thanks for making a great product. We will be adding more of your heat presses soon, when we expand the business.

  5. Paul says:

    Just taken delivery of our new fusion heat press, this thing is amazing so much more versatile than our other heat presses,auto on and auto off is excellent, am hoping to replace our older machines with this fantastic new machine next year.

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