Enthusiasm Is Contagious

Mary and I thought this snowman had so much team spirit we just had to get a photo with him. There were similar displays of team spirit throughout Canada during the Winter Olympics. Something you don't see so often!

If you’ve ever been to a pep rally, you have to admit that when large groups of people all rally behind one particular team, all wear the same team colors, paint their faces, wave pom-poms and foam fingers, the enthusiasm is contagious, even if you aren’t the cheerleader type. During the recent Winter Olympics, I noticed widespread enthusiasm for the Canadian hockey team while driving through Canada a few days before the final game. There were signs in store windows rooting for the team, signs on cars, flags on cars, signs on school marquees…it seemed everywhere you looked there was a sign, banner or flag rooting for the national hockey team. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a display of so many people rooting for the same team…it was impressive.

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  1. Even though I was rooting for the US in the finals, I’m glad that the Canadians pulled through.

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