Cheez Doodles and Pop-Tarts

Associated PressIn this Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2005 photo, Morrie Yohai, inventor of Cheez Doodles, pulls one of the snacks out of a bag at his home in Kings Point, N.Y. Yohai died July 27, 2010, at his Long Island home in Kings Point at the age of 90. His family said the cause was cancer.

GroupeSTAHL CEO Jan Starr just forward an interesting article from the New York Times online edition that celebrated American ingenuity…in the realm of junk food. We might not recognize the names of the people who created some of our favorite childhood treats, but this article does a great job of telling the back story of classic American junk food. Who knew? The article started by reporting the July 27, 2010 death of entreprenuer  Morrie Yohai, 90, a World War II veteran who created Cheez Doodles. Rest in peace Morrie. Not my snack of choice, but as the father of 7 children,  I have removed many a Cheez Doodle from the back seat of an SUV or under a couch cushion. May you be remembered with every joyful crunch. Whether your poison is Cracker Jack, Twinkies, Tootsie Rolls, Doritos, you name it, it was most likely invented right here in the good old USA.

And speaking of another iconic American food item, the Kellogg

Pop-Tart World Opened in NYC today! What's your favorite flavor?

Company opened their Pop-Tarts World in New York City’s Times Square today, that’s right, 3,000 square feet of the ultimate Pop-Tarts experience. You can try Pop-Tart Sushi, custom build your own box of Pop-Tart flavors, make a custom T-shirt and who knows what else. Talk about taking branding to the outer limits. Pop-Tart Sushi? I guess it’s just chopped up Pop-Tarts rolled in fruit leather, but still…that is pretty creative stuff.

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