Color Rush, Yay or Nay?

Some of the teams participating in the NFL's Color Rush this season. Photo Nike.

Some of the teams participating in the NFL’s Color Rush this season. Photo Nike.

If you are an NFL football fan, you may already be aware of the Color Rush concept that was introduced last season for Thursday night games, and is being repeated this season due to its popularity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. The NFL Color Rush kicked off last year, designed,–according to the NFL Operations Website–“…to unite teams and fan bases.” In addition to offering fans a new way to support their teams, it’s interesting to see the teams decked out in a monochromatic (one color head to toe) look. What began as an experiment last year, with not all teams participating, has grown to include almost every team. The league has also learned from their mistakes, like last year when the Buffalo Bills played the New York Jets wearing all red and all green uniforms. Apparently, viewers with a particular color-blindness condition couldn’t discern one team from the other. Everyone has an opinion on color rush (what’s yours?). You shouldn’t miss uniform-expert Paul Lukas of UniWatch and his very well-educated take. How does this all impact your business? It’s always good to remain up on trends happening in the professional leagues, because it won’t be long until they trickle down to schools and other teams you work with.

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