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How Josh got the folks at Hotronix (he must have connections) to custom decorate a heat press for him, is his secret. What’s no secret is that your heat press can be your best friend this busy season, especially if you are planning on printing a lot of garments. More lettering and number application tips coming, or in the meanwhile, you can go to Great Garment Graphics and review some of the most recent January webinars, which had good information on printing uniforms for baseball and soccer using the latest heat transfer graphics, as well as tried and true tips on what to do and what not to do.

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  1. Joan Bogen says:

    Hi, Ted,
    This is Joan from Sweats ‘n’ Stuff. For over 25 years I’ve been buying your products, and I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time how super your service has been. Whether I come to pick up something at your SCS facility, or I call tech support and keep them on the line for an hour, everyone is so kind and helpful I’m amazed. In all this time not one person has acted impatient or frustrated. I still use Drawmate 10 and can’t seem to get along without it. Is Cadworx just as good? I hate to lose the easy team printing that is part of it.
    Another question–you’ve asked for ideas on what we would like to see. Is there any cuttable signage that would come off easily? I’m not sure if it would be possible, but I see these sayings on walls and store windows all the time, and they even sell something called “Wallies”. It would be fun to be able to cut shapes for babies’ rooms, for holidays, for birthday parties, etc. that could come off easily (without a razor blade). We could take shapes and graphics right out of the baby comforters, adult comforters, etc., and decorate without wallpaper. Is there such a thing, or could you make it?
    I have really enjoyed being a Stahls customer. Your people are super, and so are you!

    Sweats ‘n’ Stuff
    Customer # 039991

  2. Gene Azevedo says:

    I attended one of the Great Garment Graphics webinars last week…what a great source of information! I am already using some of the information I learned!

  3. Ted says:

    Hi Joan,
    Thank you for your comments and compliments about our customer service reps. I agree, they are the best in the business. I am sorry to hear that you have to stay on the line for one hour to get your problems solved! You definately should try, I think you will find it a huge improvement over Drawmate 10, which is why we developed it….we want you to be able to take care of your artwork needs without having to spend your valuable time on the phone getting help. Also, about the wall clings, there is a video on Great Garment Graphics, that talks about creating Wall Art and you should be able to get some good information on that there. Thank you again for being such a loyal Stahls’ customer. Good luck with your business!

  4. What is the very best technique to use when pressing 600 denier polyester canvas bags with the waterproof inside? Best cad-cut material or transfer to use? Best method to prevent inside from sticking together? Thanks.

  5. d4design says:

    hello im trying to heat press on stadium totes 600 denier polyester base what temp and vinyl should i use? thank you

  6. Ted says:

    Hi, thanks for reading and for your comment. Someone from Stahls will contact you directly in order to make sure we make the correct recommendation. Good luck with your job, would love to see a photo of the finished bag.

  7. Mark Merola says:

    Good afternoon!
    I see a couple of questions regarding the 600 denier polyester bags. You can use a multitude of different Stahls’ Cad-Cut material, as it is polyester. You could use Thermo-Film, Premium Plus, Fashion Film, etc.. You could even use Glitter Flake. When you are doing a bag, be VERY aware of the seams, which can cause you headaches. I would suggest positioning the print area with a print perfect pad to elevate that area to avoid seams, zippers, or even buckles. As far as the temperature is concerned, we would always suggest using the recommended temperature and pressure. If you are certain that the bags will not go through the laundry, you could turn down the heat a little if the bag has the waterproof lining. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. I’m in the Customer Service department at Stahls’ ID. our number is (800) 478-2457. – Mark

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