Input from the Front Line–The truth behind the predictions

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If you read some of our predictions for 2010 from various GroupeSTAHL people, you might be wondering how accurate they really were. Well, we’re only into February, but we have received some valuable feedback from customer service reps at Stahls’ ID Direct as to what is going on out there. On average our reps have 14 years of experience and as a group they answer 1,000 + phone calls a day, process written orders for folks who don’t order online,  and answer inquiries through web chat or on the phone. They “hear it all” and we thought you would enjoy reading some of their feedback on how 2010 is shaping up so far. Are any of our predictions coming true?  Thanks to Brian McLeod and Mary Gaglio for gathering this info together and passing it along to me.

From Cyndi Mills–Bling and Performance Wear

  • Rhinestones/bling/ metallics/glitters continue to be  hot items
  • Thinner garments/ thinner softer graphics seem to continue and excel as the trend
  • Performance wear is huge, we receive inquiries daily on what and how to apply to these fabrics- they are a higher price blank and customers are hesitant to apply to them since they are afraid to ruin the garment–but we have so many options for them
  • Many screen printers are turning to transfers for smaller runs.  I’ve been receiving many calls inquiring prices and lead times on transfers
  • Same day shipping is huge.  Customers are not stocking as much as in the past. More customers are concerned about their freight charges and how many days delivery,  much more so now than in the past.
  • Animal prints, plaids, polka dots, neons are requested.
  • More customers are calling to get prices on one-quantity items, mainly logos.  Customers are saying that if the customer is willing to pay they will produce where as in the past they would just tell them they can’t do it for them.

From Sue BurgessCustomers Looking for Value Speaking with a few of my customers, I have found they want to stick to the basics–offer a high quality product, with a low price margin. Al at Metuchen Center  says he’s getting a lot of inquiries from customers these last few weeks but basically his clients are shopping around for the best price. He knows this due to talking with a few of the  other vendors who have dealt with the same clients. He’s looking to offer products quicker and at a great price. This is the first time in a long time that he has found himself going on “house-calls”.

From Carol Wheeler–Vintage and Replica Looks Are In

I think 2010 will be another “Throwback” year. What I’m seeing in the fashion industry, like the auto industry, are a lot of replicas of the 70’s sometimes even the 50’s & 60’s!  We’re seeing more and more professional sports teams are wearing uniforms/jerseys from their teams of the past for major events. Shopping for clothing for my 21 year old son this Christmas, I found the older and more worn & used looking the better, and more expensive!

Thanks to everyone that submitted their thoughts on what 2010 has in store. It is very much appreciated! I can’t fit them all in this posting but will hopefully be able to publish more soon. I always like to feature your photos with your submissions so if you have any…please forward.

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