Don’t Forget to Vote

Snapshot of fall colors on the East Coast from one of my recent roadtrips.

There are all kinds of things at stake in this year’s election…and your own city or state most likely has measures on the ballot that could affect the way you live or do business. So no matter what your political background or party you belong to, make sure you do the least that you can do and get out there and VOTE! It’s your right and it’s an amazing privelege as well. On a personal note, I wanted to mention that I have been spending the last several weekends traveling around this beautiful country of ours, visiting college and university campuses with my youngest daughter. My wife Mary and I have had the chance to see many fantastic college towns and I have also had the chance to stop in and visit with apparel shop owners. Of course the subject of the economy always comes up but I have found that the businesses that continually strive to expand their services–like the embroiderer who just started offering heat applied transfers–are the ones who are thriving and surviving. Speaking with customers out in the field confirmed what I learned at the recent SGIA show….that end consumers are demanding more, new and different decoration methods.

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