Don’t Go Naked at Night Part 2

Heat printing is an excellent way to decorate reflective safety vests. Stahls' color reflective material shown here.

I’ve talked about this before…anyone who is outside when it’s dark should be wearing some type of reflective material on their clothing. But what about all those reflective safety vests out there? The ones worn by school crossing guards, construction workers, highway workers or event ticket collectors. There are hundreds–if not thousands of different businesses that require their employees to wear reflective safety vests. So why is it that you rarely see these vests featuring a logo? Probably because they are difficult if not impossible to screen print or embroider! Which leads me to my point…they are very EASY to heat print. In fact, there are many different types of heat transfer materials that can be applied to these safety vests, including our color reflective materials. Since the vests themselves are already reflective, you don’t necessarily have to put a reflective logo on the vest…you can use flock, film, many different types of heat printing work on these vests.

Yes, you can use your heat press and any number of different heat transfer materials to add logos to reflective safety vests.

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